Various Length LED Spot Stems With Various Bases (Single/Double/Triple).

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Product Description

These Satin Silver LED spotlights are beautifully designed, superbly made, professional grade and are being offered here with a huge discount.

They are made by Aurora, a name synonymous with cutting edge lighting technology and are the default choice of the professionals.

Do not settle for a cheaply made product from an unheard of brand, with these available here, at such a great price.

We have a variety of different stem lengths available from 20cm to 60cm, with 1 or 2, 1 watt, Led spot lights per stem, in white or warm white colour and either single, double or triple bases with integrated LED driver to plug them into.

These are perfect for picture lighting, display lighting or highlighting areas with light.

Item comes with fixings and is easy to install. A simple solution to get professional looking lighting into your home or commercial environment, just wire up the base and enjoy the benefits of LED spot lighting.

The stems are adjustable at the head and also at the base making them very flexible.

Some typical prices of stem/base combinations are listed below, but please contact us for a price for whatever combination you wish to purchase.

Single LED stem 20cm with single base- £30
Single LED stem 60cm with single base- £35
Double LED stem 20cm with single base- £36
2x Single LED stem 20cm with Double Base- £45
2x Single LED stem 60cm with Double Base- £55


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